• There is glory in everyday life but there is nothing more glorious than the entrance of a new life into this world. Document the life of your child from the very first moments and share it with those that love you.
  • Let me document the glory of your special moment. At MeAgain photography we treat life’s moments as glorious
  • Let me document the glory of your special moment. At MeAgain photography we treat life’s moments as glorious
  • In my photography class we had this exercise that was supposed to teach us to talk to a client. To make them comfortable enough that we could get the shots they wanted. With natural smiles and sparkling eyes in natural settings and poses. Well I failed. I choked and froze so bad I found it difficult to speak to a client even when the client was a member of my own family. Then I heard of the 100 stranger project. Shoot 100 strangers. Speak to them and make them comfortable enough with you that they allow you to take a shot of them. 5 shots and one question total. It's supposed to be 100 strangers in 100 days but I started this project back in January of 2012. I'd say I was a little behind but I suppose the 100 days is less important that starting what I finish.
  • The moment that changes your life. You go from a solo to a duo. No longer going it alone. Now you have a partner to navigate life.
  • They grow up so fast and nothing you can do will slow their pace. Before you know it *Poof* they are in school *poof* they just graduated college *poof* they are parents. I document the proof
  • I used to say “I shoot buildings not people. Buildings don’t talk back.” Then I was asked to do a portrait setting for my Sister in Law as a Christmas gift. I was to shoot her babies and grand babies for her. I did a lot wrong but I learned so much and it made ...
  • I LOVE family events. My camera and I stalk all the pretty babies and zoom in from afar to get those moments that no one sees.
  • There is something magical about a pregnant woman. I had no idea I would love shooting pregnant women. Who knew? I used to say “I shoot buildings. They don’t talk back” My shoot with the Wilson Family was such a joy I may never shoot another building.
  • Your Sr. Year will be one of the most exciting time in your young life. From here you will jump off into a life of your making. Let me document this moment in your history.  

Some time ago I decide to take my little 3 megapixel 8-year-old point and shoot to a family picnic. Up until that moment I’d taken no more than 100 shots with the thing. For whatever reason I decided to turn the little dial away from “Dummy” I mean “Auto” and set out to document the birthday for 4 we were celebrating.  When I got home and dumped the contents of the SD card onto my computer I was shocked. What I had taken wasn’t total garbage. There was “something” there. That set me on a journey which has taken me far away from the life I had and brought me to my awesome life full of color and focus and love. The Lord led me in this direction. Exactly what He wants me to do with this life, well, I’m still discovering but this I know, I was made to do this.

Since that picnic I have grown in skill and understanding. I’ve taken the vision I’ve been gifted and dedicated myself in documenting the glory of everyday life. Capturing moments, smiles, play, and other everyday occurrences as well as those big moments in life.

I’ve kept my pricing low (I’m free so that’s pretty low) so that you can have a sitting just because you want to. So that you’re not limited to just the big moments. Let me document your babies curly hair, or the way they wiggle when they walk, or the gap in their teeth just because you know they will grow up too fast and these moments will be lost. This is my passion. Those “Just because” photos.

Let me document the glory of your everyday life.

Live Mighty, Live Humbly, Live Gratefully,