A Conversation With My Boss

January 29, 2021 Uncategorized

Boss: Hey, I just wanted to say I don’t say enough, how much I appreciate the work you do. I really truly appreciate everything you do and the care you take in everything you do. Thank you!

Me: *speechless*

So, what started out as a simple “make your bead and shower” list to get myself motivate and out of my funk turned it to something that has gotten out of hand and is beginning to turn into just another chore that stresses me out. (this is my freewriting for the day) *wonders who I’m talking to since it’s only me in the room* Roy, yes, I’m talking to Roy. So Roy, I’ve decided to pare down the list. I want the list to get me off my ass, out of my bed, and doing SOMETHING. So Roy, Here’s the new list:

  • shower
  • make my bed
  • 5 gratefuls
  • make 2 granny squares for mom’s cardigan
  • Listen to music
  • read anything for any length of time. I want to get my joy of reading back and I just spent a stupid amount of money on a new kindle. Mom likes mine too much to take it away from her.

This is enough for now.