A Conversation With Roy

January 31, 2021 Uncategorized

Roy: *angry stare*

Me: What?

Roy *angry stare*

Me: you need to go out? I shoveled you a grassy spot

Roy: *angry stare*

Me: Look dude, I know you hate snow but you don’t use a little box so your SOL

Roy: *angry stare*

Me: biscuit?

Roy: *happy dance*


  • God. He answered prayers today. Like everyday
  • chili for dinner. I love my chili. I’m a damn good simple cook
  • Mom. She didn’t resist the “I told you so” but she didn’t forget the “I love you”
  • good tunes. It makes grocery shopping suck less
  • Roy. Even if he sucks at conversation he’s a great listener

bed made – mostly

shower – it’s my day off

Granny Square – I’m out of yarn. More arrives tomorrow. I’ll just do 4

read: Not a damn thing other than my own post. HOWEVER; I did read about a thousand book jackets so that counts

Music – I drove about 100 miles and my happy little playlist sang to me all the way home.