MeAgain circa 2009


In 2001 my ex gave me a fabulous computer. Up to that point I was using an Apple 2C. It was a Frankenstein with bits and pieces pirated from other computers. It had a whopping 256m hard drive *gasp* right? My life as a photographer started with this new computer. I’m a writer by nature so with GeoCities and Myspace, I was elated to have a place to store all my random thoughts and ideas. Shortly after I built my first GeoCities, I thought it would be cool to add photos to my ramblings. I started playing around with this old point & shoot I had laying around, and I was off. I was 38, well past school age, but I wasn’t too old to learn. I picked up every book, scoured the internet (mind you, Youtube had not been born yet), and found photography clubs and free classes. I ate it all up. One of these free classes was lead by an actual professor of photography at the local community college and she told me, “You have what I can’t teach,” and that fueled me and kept me going.

As the years progressed and technology and the internet grew, I grew. I have a passion for shooting the mundane moments. I find such glory in them. They are the moments that define us. Honestly though, who can afford to hire a photographer for that? So I found my joy in shooting these moments for friends, family, and my church, but I made my money in urban photography. I sold my photos to local businesses and even a couple to the news stations. In the end though, I had to give that up because while it was making me money, it was not making me happy. I would rather have my passion than be rich. So I opened MeAgain Photography in 2010 and with this in mind I’ve structured my business accordingly. You will find my rates well under market value. There are several ways I can keep my prices low which are explained on my services page. I hope you will take a look around this site and see if I can capture your memories great and small. I think we’d make a great team.

Thank you,



OK, the above is all the professional stuff. Now you really wanna know who you’re hiring?
I’m a badass unicorn for Jesus. I like to name inanimate objects (my camera’s name is Brutus), I am a superhero in my own mind who has a purple cape and waves a yellow sharpie, my dog is a hamster with a thyroid condition (he’s a Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix, most cats outsize him). I have 3 grown daughters who are the most amazing women on this planet or any other, I have 3 grandchildren I like better than their mom and Aunties, my last move I made I took only what would fit in my car, I am twice divorced and about to get married again (my fiance and I could make a quartet with our exes), I am a medicated bipolar person (the medication gives me that pause between thought and action most people are born with), I have written 2 books (combined I have sold 47 copies, 40 of which were to my mother). During my transition from un-medicated to medicated bipolar person I had several personalities that needed to be integrated and were successfully merged: the superhero mentioned above, Ms. Shankabitch, and Ms. Happyfluffy (Shank and Fluffy really hated each other which kinda delayed integration). My shrink told me to visualize Ms. Shank locked up in my mind so visualize an orc in a dirty tutu with a feather duster cleaning the cobwebs out of my brain while guarding the cage of the duct taped and gagged Ms. Shank. I could go on, but if you’re still reading, I’d love to do business with you.