Welcome to the new and improved…OK just new MeAgain Photography website. I started MeAgain photography in 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida and served my community, my church, and my friends until 2015 when I made the decision to get off the bipolar roller-coaster and try my own shade of normal. I had been praying for a pause button. A space where I can take a breath between thought and action. I thought it would never happen and that I would be hostage to my own mind for the rest of my life. Then came medication. *insert angels singing* I am no longer a hostage but at that time the medications I was on caused a tremendous amount of body shake. I tried mono pods, tripods, weight, straps, every single suggestion my community could offer. Nothing steadied me enough to produce good work. Given the choice between my passion and my sanity I chose sanity.

Fast forward through several years and I am more mentally stable on less medication. While I still slightly shake it is nothing that a mono-pod and a fast shutter sped can’t fix. So, here I go. Starting over from scratch. I have a new state, a new city, a new man in my life and a new business. I will face the new challenges the way I have faced them in the past. With the life lifting, attitude changing, God Glorifying power of gratitude.

Today I’m grateful for:

God. He brought me here. Still not quite sure what He wants me to do but He’s patient while I try and figure it out.

Joe. He didn’t even bat an eye when I said I wanted to be a pro photographer. Mind you, he never knew I was in the past. For all he knew I’d never seen a camera before. That’s my Joe. He thinks I can do anything. He’s pretty awesome.

my family. I did not get on “you’re crazy” “don’t you think you’re a little old” or “Dude, really?” I’ve gotten “You got this!” “Why not?” and “Way to go mom!”

a new beginning. I really thought I was too old for this but I guess you’re only as old as your maturity level. In my case that would be about 12

MidState Camera Repair. My gear may be 10 years old but it looks and functions like brand new. If you are anywhere in the Tri-Sate area and need your gear cleaned, dude you just gotta go there.

life. It has a funny way of being cyclical more than linear.

my parents. Their failing health brought me here. Their continued good health is kept me here and a new life sprouted.