Most professional photographers retain all photos. You will pay for the shoot and then be charged for proofs and prints, which are watermarked. While I do retain ownership of the photos, (for use on my website only. They will never be sold or used for advertisement) at your final meeting you will receive 100% of the photos taken during your session, unedited. They are yours to print & share without concern of ownership & copywriter issues. This is, in part, how I can keep my prices so low. I take the shots, you do the editing and printing. Should you wish special editing & high quality printing I can do that for you at an additional charge. Those charges are broken down on the pricing page.

What you can Expect with your Booking:

  1. Booking appointment – here you will give me your completed client questionnaire and we will go over your ideas, ideal shots, and Pintrest picks. I will also give you instructions on how to download and install Google’s Picasa3 Photo Editor. It’s powerful free editor I use myself from time to time. I will also show you how to do some basic editing. We will go over locations (up to three), costume changes (up to three), and length of time required for your session. At this time the contract will need to be signed and the deposit paid.
  2. The shoot – up to 3 locations and 3 costume changes (discussed in advance)
  3. Final Meeting – I will give you an SD card containing 100% of the photos taken during your session. There are no watermarks or edits. They are right out of the camera. The good, bad, and the out of focus. We will go over them on my laptop and, should you wish me to edit and or print, we can go over those at that time. These are priced separate and will be mailed via US registered mail to the location of your choice.

If you have any questions please feel free to call/email any time. My contact information is on the right side of this page as well as on the contact form should you wish.