I’ve owned 3 business over the last 20 years. While MeAgain Photography is the only one still active, you will notice throughout this site, MeAgain Graphics and MeAgain Publishing. With MeAgain Publishing I wrote and published 2 books.

A Life of Gratitude: This is a series of letters and emails I wrote daily to my mom, daughter, and friends. It documents my journey from a life of utter chaos and darkness, to a life of light and joy. It is an uncensored look into my life. When I wrote the book I was hoping to help others like me. It’s about being wallowed by darkness so deep I didn’t want to breath, and how God and Gratitude lead into a life I wanted to live and breathe. It’s deeply personal and wide open. It’s the way I live my life now. No more secrets, no more lies. You will find this book in it’s entirety on my “A Life of Gratitude” page along with a link for a free download. I hope you find something in there that lifts you, or just make you laugh.

The Memory Tree: On my Grand Nephew’s 5 birthday, I decided to write him a story. I wrote about how memories interconnect us with deep roots and long branches to our families and our community. It’s about how a little boy and his Aunty plant a tiny seed and through the years how the tree grows and grows and lights up the sky. In this time of closed schools and over-worked moms, I thought it would be nice to give something back. This book is for sale on Amazon, but you can find it on my “The Memory Tree” page. You can read it there and there is a link to a free download. I hope, at least for a few minutes, you can find a little peace.

I hope these books lighten your day and bring a smile.