January 25, 2021 Uncategorized

Me: So, you managed 3 days in a row. also Me: yup *looks smug* Me: your back to work. Weekend’s over. Bet you don’t make the day also Me: pfffft *makes immature smug face in the mirror* Me: seriously? __________________________________________ Shower: Check Make bed: Check 5 grateful a new office set up. More organized and conducive to working and not staring out the window daydreaming. old pictures & memories a healthy dog. He’s already cost me over $100. He needsRead More

Conversation Continues

January 24, 2021 Uncategorized

Me: Id, are you out there? Id: ….. Me: Alone again. Naturaly bed made I’ma take a bath and soak till wrinkley cleaned kitchen and vacuumed. Took waaaay more than 10 Minutes. Can use the excess for tomorrow? today I’m grateful for: not ever having to read that book again. It REALLY sucked – having a clean kitchen – my dog Roy – my mom is happy. That’s rare – granny squares. At least I won’t fall asleep at 8pmRead More

Private Conversation – I’m talking to myself

January 24, 2021 Uncategorized

Ego: Well that’s rude Me: well…I’m tired of waiting for you. This conversation is GOING to happen and it’s between you. and. me Ego: what’s got your panties in a wad? Me: dude, I’ve not herd an encouraging word form you in like…4 years! Ego: I have lots of names you know. How about calling me Id. It’s so less pretentious. Me: You do know that Id and Ego are two different things? Speaking of pretentions Id: Fine, do itRead More