Conversation Continues

January 24, 2021 Uncategorized

Me: Id, are you out there?

Id: …..

Me: Alone again. Naturaly

  • bed made
  • I’ma take a bath and soak till wrinkley
  • cleaned kitchen and vacuumed. Took waaaay more than 10 Minutes. Can use the excess for tomorrow?
  • today I’m grateful for: not ever having to read that book again. It REALLY sucked – having a clean kitchen – my dog Roy – my mom is happy. That’s rare – granny squares. At least I won’t fall asleep at 8pm again :/
  • bored time spent making granny squares.
  • Pic attached
  • Song Added – Nothing Breaks like the Heart Miley Cyrus
  • Song removed – Vincent remade by James Blake – I don’t like his version. I’ll re-add it with the original
  • Um, as we discussed….this IS freewriting
  • 10 pages read “Get Your Shit Together: the art of mastering your inner man Woman by Gary Manson. This book sucked. (It’s so poorly written that it took me nearly an hour and a LOT of self control to read all 10 pages)