Conversation with Mom

February 3, 2021 Uncategorized

Mom: I need you to get me my face cream

Me: That stuff is $30. I’m not getting it. I can get you Loreal instead of Oil of Oley for $17. Same stuff half the price

Mom: Beth Ann, it’s my money!

Me: Mom, you have a total of $1,900 to your name. You’re in a situation that does not allow you to have money. Do you know how fast your little bit will go with stuff like $30 facecream?

Mom: *whimpering* Beth Ann, I’m in a nursing home *more whimpering* it’s all I ask for. Just small things *whimpering louder*

Me: Mom, knock off the whimpering. You’re not 4 years old and we both know it’s your way of guilt tripping. Your pissed at me, let it out

Mom: You’re an awful child. How could you treat your mother like this? *starts to whimper but catches herself* I gave you everything when you were a child.

Me: *snorts* can I make a list of all the times you told me know?

Mom: I never, you were spoiled rot…

Me: *cut her off* Let’s start with the pony shall we?

Mom: but Beth Ann, that was a child’s wish. Impractical and simply not doable living on a military base

Me: my point exactly. Sometimes you had to tell me no. Not because you didn’t love me but because what I was asking for was impossible or impractical. You no longer make a ton of money. That awful place your in has taken all your money. I can’t spend what little you have left and I can’t afford it even though I want to give you everything. I love you but we both have to put our big girl panties on.

Mom: I hate it when you’re right.

Me: welcome to my world Mumsy. I love you.

Freewriting: I’ve been doing this a week now. I think it’s gotten me out of a rut and I believe it’s sustainable. I am really enjoying the search for new music and the crocheting. My youtube “recommended” feed has completely changed. A side benefit lol I’ve also quite ALL social media except youtube. I kinda forgot it was honestly but I’m keeping it. I’m a booktube and crochet tube junkie.

bed made, shower taken, conversation had

5 Gratefuls:

  • God. He told me I needed to change things up. I just didn’t know it was His voice at the time
  • CBD lotion. My neck and hip are KILLING me. This lotion is like magic.
  • youtube
  • conversations with my mother.
  • making it for a week

I made 4 granny squares last night. I’ma make 2 tonight. I think I want to try corner to corner again.

music listened to while making grannies

haven’t read a thing but I did download a new book.