We started the day 1.5 inches below average rainfall for the year. I believe we made that up in the last 2 hours. It has rained long and hard. It’s awesome. We need the rain but rainy afternoons are da bomb. Well, at least ones I don’t have a shoot scheduled. I’ve napped, and surfed and youtubed while sipping a nice hot cup of coffee. Don’t get much better.


Today I’m grateful for:

God. I mean, after all, He’s God.

keeping a promise. I promised the grands that I would get one of those outdoor projectors and let them camp out and watch movies. Given my current finances I was certain I would not be able to keep this promise. Well, I found one at a fraction of the cost I was quoted. Yay!

rain. We need it and I love it

getting all my running around done before the rain. Dude….

my Joe. There’s a little bromance going on with my grandson and Joe. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It just makes my heart happy

left overs. I don’t have to cook just reheat. Means more time for naps

rain on flowers. Makes for some pretty awesome macro photography. I’m gonna see if I can pull it off.

Roy. He’s part cat, part hamster, part alien, part dog and all scruff. His snuggles make rainy day naps even better.