Today has been a wash. I’ve been unmotivated, cranky, and sleepy. I’ve accomplished nothing other than killing it on my game. When my Joe asked me me what was wrong the answer he got was “Pfffft” cuz honestly, I don’t know. The thing to be grateful for? This is a very first world problem.


Today I’m grateful for:

God. He gave me this awesome life.

Birthday cake. Birthday Cake is both my Alkalies Heel and my crack. I am a serious addict. I am nearly 200lbs and at least 80 of it was caused by and is maintained by birthday cake. We had 2 birthdays today.  I got lots of cake. I didn’t “Pfffft” that

hugs from my grand kids. They’ve been away from me all week. I’m trying to come to terms with this having to share them bull… Anyway, I went to the birthday party and I got cake and hugs. I was happy.

knowing that a mood is just a mood and not a life. It took a decade for my shrink to get that to click.

Roy the canine garbage disposal. If it hits the floor he eats it. He saves me hours of having to sweep the kitchen floor. Unfortunately, it also means puke on the carpet and vet bills.

getting my grands back tomorrow. Just so’s you all know, I’m KEEPING them! If you want to see them come to my house. *gives the grandma stink eye*