Today is a busy day. I get my grand kids back and we have much to do. I am a happy Grandma.


Today I’m grateful for:

God. He blessed me with these 3 amazing creatures. I can’t imagine life without them.

Parade day! My father was confined to a nursing home just before the world went nuts. I have not been able to see him since March. Today we are doing a drive by parade. The kids made signs and we can’t wait!

mom delivery. My mother has been in a nursing home since October of 2018 and I have not seen her since March. Today is drop off day. The kids and I get to go shopping for grandmas goody bag. Boy is she gonna be surprised!

Chimichangas for dinner. I make killer chicken chimichangas and my grand kids have been known to hurt themselves on them LOL. I got “Gramma is Awesome!” cheers when I told them what was for dinner.

chores done. Yesterday I had a bit of an attitude and didn’t do a single thing so today I had double the chores. They are done and I’m counting the minutes till 4PM when I can pick the kids up.