Each year when my grandchildren visit I take one for a day. Today was Jackson day and we are having a blast! Trip to the craft store for paints, Wal-Mart for a football and Dell’s for lemonade. Jackson is currently painting me a beautiful picture. He plans on selling them for $5 each but said because I’m Grandma, I can have one for $3. This kid is going to rule the world one day.


Today I’m grateful for:

God. Always

Jackson. He’s our future ruler. Bow now.

fresh cherries. OMG are they good. I have to work hard not to make myself sick.

trivia. Jackson is FULL of trivia. He’s a walking Google search. I’m so excited when I get one right

water based acrylic paint. I have no idea how I did it, but Jackson is painting but I’m covered in paint. WTF dude…

chicken wings. Dude, Little Country Pizza in Exeter has the best. wings. ever.

Dinner and a movie with Jackson. Perfect end to a perfect day.

Love you little dude…xoxo