My Grandson Jackson taught me a new song. OMG I love it!

*Sung to the tune of the ABC Song*

“A B C D E F G Gummy bears are chasing me.

One is red, one is blue, one is peeing on my shoe.

Now I’m running for my life, cuz the red one has a knife.”

Today is going to be a good day.


Today I’m grateful for:

God. Today is a day the Lord has made.

my new tee-shirt. It says “I am blunt. It’s the way God rolled me”. My grown ass children thought I didn’t get the inference *rolls eyes* Dude, that’s why I love it so

long calls with my mother. We don’t get to talk much. She calls me 27 times a day but it is typically short and to the point. Neither of us was in a hurry today. It was awesome.

4 days with the grands. I AM NOT SHARING THEM. They are mine! *throws a fit like a todler*

fire pits and outdoor movies. Popcorn and Yoohoo’s. We may not have fireworks this year but “Independence Day” will do!

early lists. I have a day planed so I’m posting early. I love my list but I love my grands more.

cool days. The humidity sucks but the temp is perfect. House is open, gentle breeze and fresh air. Got to love it.

my Joe. He knows my back is hurting so he did ALL my morning chores and more. I’ll keep him.

coffee on the deck. I waited all winter to be able to do this. I’m gonna be grateful for every moment.