Opps Again…

It was a good day.


Yesterday I was grateful for:

God. Always.

Horses. The grands had a great time. However, I am not painfully broke :/

time with the grands. They’ve been all mine the last few days. It’s been amazeballs.

a quiet house. I’ve had 7 people in my house for the last 4 days. It’s been awesome and wonderful but I have to admit enjoying the peace. I will get them back on tomorrow so I’m allowing myself to enjoy the quiet

a perfect day. Yesterday was one of the most perfect days we’ve had this year. The weather was perfect for a day on horseback.

My cousin Donna. She’s been there for me this whole time. I am so grateful. There are 5 kids and my car seats 4. Yeah, fun, but thanks to Donna we’ve made it work.