I’m getting there. I have 2 pages and the blog done. Only 17 pages to go.


Today I’m grateful for:

God. He’s the orchestrater of my life.

Edited photos. I thought the photos of Harley were good out of the camera. Their even better after editing. I only had time to do one today but I’m very happy with the one.

our deck. Joe is the grass whisperer and a friend to all birds. Our back deck is amazing. It’s my little slice of paradise.

2 pages. My eldest the “grammar Police” needs to check it for any imperfections but once she gives her stamp of approval, I’m on to page 3

cooler days ahead. Next week is 70’s and less humidity. Bring it…

not murdering the fried chicken. I’m a Southern Woman. I have been waiting for the club to revoke my membership. I cannot do fried check or biscuits. *hangs head* BUT TONIGHT I did good. Not great, but it was cooked, not burnt and just the right amount of crispy. I’m happy ya’ll

Just Cuz