I ran across this video this morning and it struck a cord. I’m stepping out on a ledge with my finances and my life reopening MeAgain Photography and I’ve been praying that I’m following God’s direction. If I put Him first in all I do, my fear is wasted energy. I have to admit I SUCK at doing this but I’m going to do it the only way I know how. God will be there to catch me even if I fail.

Today I’m grateful for:

God. He has a big net

Rani from Divine Investments. She’s an amazing property manager and a good friend. She’s helping me in more ways than I can count. She’s not half bad for a former boss 🙂

Joe. He’s trying so hard. Why do I always forget to pray for him? Dear Lord, thank you for putting Joe in my life. I pray him joy, peace, and success in all he does. Help me to be a blessing in his lie.

gratitude. It never fails to put things in the proper perspective.

being scared. If I wasn’t scared then I wouldn’t have the opportunity to step out on faith and be brave.

a pretty day. I get to lounge out on the deck and work. I love oxymorons

words. I don’t seem to string them together as well as I used to but I still love them to bits.

simple dinners. Nothing to remember to defrost. No surfing the web for something complicated and interesting. Eggs for dinner. Omelets and buscuits with honey. Want a secret to a perfect omlet? Add 1 tbs. for warm water per egg. It makes them fluffy as hell. They also hold together better when over stuffing them

a quite house. So far, no more drama. Thank you Lord