I had so much fun with these boys! I was crawling around on the ground twisting and turning. Getting hog tied, on my knees and flat on the ground on my back. Oh, and guess what? I WAS ABLE TO GET UP!

Dear Lord,

Thank you

Yours Truly,


Today I’m grateful for:

God. He let me get back up on more ways than one

little boys

quiet time to photo edit. Thank you Joe, you da bomb

good photos. They are not yet pro quality but considering the moving targets, I’m going to take this as a win.

cool evenings

feeling good inside and out. My brain is working again and so it my heart

friends that let me play with their kids. Damn I had fun

bath time. Dude, I may have been able to crawl around on the ground but I sooo need a hot soak. With bubbles.