Sprinkler Rainbow

Today sucked for both Joe and I. It seems everything we touched turned to shit today but in the midst of all of this, we found joy and gratitude.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for every moment today. What sucked magnified the beauty of what didn’t.


Today I’m grateful for:

God. I ignored him today but I could feel him there, lurking. He always makes sure I know He’s right there with me.

Grammar Nazis. My eldest is a natural editor. She’s the one who’s taken on the task of fixing all the damn typos, oopses, and awe shits.

BBQ burgers. Joe cooks and I do the dishes. All 3 plates. Tis a good thing

great ideas. God just sent a brain itch.  I hope it works out. She sure could use a break

my grandbabies are coming! My grandbabies are coming! Babies…the youngest is 10 the oldest is 16 so not exactly babies lol. But they are coming for 3 weeks! I’m a happy granny!

voice to text. Given my spelling issues this is a God send

business cards. They FINALLY came in. Now it’s on!

going live. This website is coming together. My editor will make her final pass this week and we go live baby!

bath time. I love baths. They are horrible fr my skin but I just don’t care. I’ma go soak now. ~Peace out