Old Pet Photo but it’s so dang cute I’m using it anyway



Been working all day. Website is nearly done! Yay! But tonight is band practice so I’ma make this quick


Today I’m grateful for:

God. I did something really stupid and should have been in an accident. Once more God looks out for the clueless. Dear Lord, Thank you for not letting me hit that guy. I promise I’ll try to pay more attention. Please keep that guy safe. Amen

Band Practice! Kammie is back baby!

old memories. In making this website I’ve dug through my entire career. All 67,341 photos. When I saw the count I nearly fainted. Sure doesn’t feel like that many. I guess if it’s your passion, it’s never enough.

the website being nearly done! Whoohooo! I’ve got 2 more sliders to make and my editor needs to do another sweep before we go live but that’s it!

West Warwick Clerks office. OMG helpful, cheery, and held my hand through the process! Amazing. I shall be a recognized, licensed, and taxed entity very soon