Roy looks how I feel today

It’s been an emotional day. I’ve been digging through 10 years of photos. I’ve seen loved ones I’ve lost and my babies so little! Only good memories are flowing but I have to admit it has left me emotionally drained. I’m going to be grateful for having a history. I mean it beats the alternative right?


Today I’m grateful for:

God. He kept me alive, relatively sane, and out of jail while I work out this life thing.

my babies. I know they hated growing up with a camera in their faces but it’s so amazing to have a timeline of their growth.

my grandbabies are coming! Oh, that was already on my list? Sorry not sorry

a house with an amazing cross breeze. Without it I’d be staying in a hotel.

the website getting closer to finished. My back aches and my butt hurts from slouching over a laptop all day

love. I am loved like no other