I can’t believe it’s been 5 days. Dang, where’d the days go? I’ve been so busy! It’s wonderful. I’m shooting and packing and cleaning getting ready for my grandkids annual visit. Yesterday was my birthday too. I am officially old. I now qualify for the Sr. Discount. I’m both happy and miffed about this fact. 3 days till  my babies! *does the grandma booty dance*


(Side note) MeAgain Photography will be taking bookings during the 3 weeks my grandchildren will be here. Please contact for availability.

Over the last 5 days I’ve been/am Grateful for:

God. He’s kept me from doing anything truly stupid

connecting with old friends. I reconnected with my friend Tracy. She’s got things cooking. Please check out my links page if you want any customized masks. They are high quality cute as hell and can be washed. She’s awesome!

a good birthday. My Joe surprised me and took me to the restaurant where we had our first date. It was sweet and tasty.

my grandbabies are coming! I’d do the grandma booty dance again but I’m afraid I’ll break a hip

talking to a human. I talked to a human about my suspended unemployment. I’ll leave it on the gratitude list even though she didn’t call back like she said she would *grumpy face*

my Joe. I’ve been in a pissy mood the last 3 days. He’s just hugged me through it. I think I’ll keep him. Love you Joe xoxo

the boys (my birds Oscar & Felix) survived their trip to the vet. It was a long day for all 3 of us.

Roy not getting out of the house as Joe’s daughter moved.

Joe’s daughter moving into her own place. I’m happy for her! and I can’t say I’m not going to enjoy 3 extra rooms in this house LOL

venting. My girls are great listeners

burgers for dinner tonight. Means I don’t have to cook or do dishes. Yay me!