I don’t feel like talking….

January 28, 2021 Uncategorized

Me: Hello…you out there?

Also Me:

Shower: check

bed made: check BUT… the daily goal is to make my bed the right way. I didn’t. I made it the lazy way. Fuck it. It’s not like mom is checking *looks over shoulders* I could blame it on the guilty looking dog at the end of my bed

5 Grateful

  • God. I’m going to keep saying it till I feel it. I know it but knowing it isn’t feeling it
  • the ex not being awkward tonight. It may have something to do with me buying him pizza
  • the guilty looking dog.
  • getting an awesome complement from my boss. It made my might
  • having a roof over my head

10 minutes cleaning: check. I said check dammit! You wanna list????????

10 minutes being bored: check. it was a nice long hot shower.

Oh, why bordom?

take one pic with my phone

Said Guilty Dog

one song on: spread a little happiness by Nathan Angelo

one song off: learnalilgivinanlovin by Gotye

Freewriting: I don’t wanna. Not sure why I put this on my stupid list. Maybe because I’m a writer of two books but have not written anything more than a blog post in 4 years. Could be. No way I’m going to make 10 minutes tonight. I’m tired and in a pissy mood.

10 more pages of the Eyre Affair. The book is growing on me. I also read about 100 book synopsis looking for the next book.

Yay! I’m done! I’m counting this toward my freewriting.