I’m Just Starting to Like you Again

January 27, 2021 Uncategorized

Mom: 2 more dead

Me: keep away from everyone. Stay in your room and don’t let anyone in that’s not in a hazmat suit. This includes your crazy ass roommate. I’m just starting to like you again, you CANNOT die on me!

Mom: starting to like me again? When didn’t you like me?

Me: I stopped liking you when I was about 12 and didn’t start to tolerate you till my early 30s. I mean, we lived 1,000 apart for most of my adult life.

Mom: tolerate me?

Me: well I like you now…

Mom: like?

Me: Mom I’ve always loved you. It’s a daughter thing. I had 3 of them. It happens around their 12th birthday. They blow out the candles and satan takes over. They don’t usually come back till their 30s. However, Lisa is still on the fringes. At least June didn’t go through that stage. I blame that on her TBI and God’s grace.

Mom: Oh, is that how it works? So why do you like me now?

Me: cuz you is a rockstar

Mom: *snorts*

Bed made: Check. I’m putting a pillow over the coffee spill. *wiggles fingers* you see nothing….

shower: I am amending this rule. NOT because I’m lazy. Taking a shower everyday is making my skin dry. I scratched myself bloody in my sleep last night. Amendment: Shower every other not and NO baths *whimpers*

5 Grateful:

  • God. He should be at the top of the list but we’ve already discussed the fact that I’m a lazy Christian (OK, I moved him to the top where He belongs. Given my current blessings how could I not)
  • Joe having a new girlfriend. Living with your ex can be awkward but with a new girlfriend he’s no longer grumpy and glowering. Also, I am now officially his cousin not his ex. Makes life easier
  • not having to drive into Providence today. We got 5 inches of snow. I’m from Florida. Um, yeah, happy to stay home, thanks
  • my cousin not making me shovel snow
  • reading a good book…ok, it’s just OK but I’m trying here
  • Cleaning: Check. While my cousin shoveled nearly everything, I did shovel the deck. I’m counting that as cleaning time

Being bored: making granny squares is something I learned to do in Jr. High home ec class. It’s one of the most mind numbing things you can do. I don’t fully understand the need to be bored but I’m killing it

Daily pic – I suck at shoveling snow but I’m from Florida you Git….

New Song: Carry on by Our Atlantic Road

Song Deleted: Rainbow Connection by Sarah McLachlan – love the song, hate the version

Freewriting: this took more than 10 minutes to write. I’m done

read 10 pages of The Eyre Affair – that makes 20 pages so far. Jury is till out