If I could just get that shot!

Did you get a new camera for your birthday or Christmas or, perhaps, you’re thinking about making photography more than a hobby? I can help you take your camera off of auto setting. I can teach you about light, and why you should hate your flash. This class is designed with you in mind. It is personal, one-on-one time. We will spend some time getting to know the settings of your camera, what each function does, and the pros and cons of each. I will teach you the light triangle, the rule of thirds, and leading lines, as well as other concepts. This is not Photography 101, it’s more like Photography .101. If you know about such things as ISO, Aperture, and White Balance, you don’t need me.

Most of what I teach can be learned on YouTube, so why pay me? Because I am sitting there with you. You can ask me questions directly, with instant gratification. We will also take what you learned out into the world with a 1 hour shoot, included in the price, where you can learn by doing, not just by listening.

I have classes for all ages. There is no such thing as too young or too old. If you can hold a camera, I can teach you what I know. Let’s have some fun together.


1 individual session 1.5 hours including basics of your camera or android cell phone (Android only, I am Apple illiterate), along with a 1 hour learning session $50.

Discounts of 25% offered for Active Duty military & dependents, First Responders, Sr. Citizens, and anyone under 10, just cuz they’re so dang cute.


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