My daughter is a gay woman.  When she came out at age 12 I was not surprised, shocked, angry or disappointed. It was simply another part of who she is. I watched her as she grew and I prepared myself for the questions that I knew I couldn’t answer.  I was blessed to have friends in the gay community that she could talk to. Those friends helped her navigate what she was feeling in a safe and loving way. Over time I learned what you need to be prepared for your child coming out. Love. I loved her through her struggles and her joys. I have fallen in love with her partner Kim and I am not so patiently waiting to welcome my future grandchildren. I did nothing difficult or extraordinary, I just loved my child. But as she was growing, I wish I had the information and resources that exist today.

The website below offers information, resources, and support for both the LGBTQIA individual and the supporter. I recommend this site. It is daughter approved.