I’m old, but one of the benefits that comes with age is wisdom. I’m smart enough to show love to those that have been a blessing in my life.

Divine Investments – I worked with Rani for about 6 months during one of the most difficult times in my life. Both my parents’ health was failing. While I was supposed to be her assistant, I was out of the office more than in. We both needed to move on to grow. Rani continues to support me in my efforts to open MeAgain Photography. In fact, her boys are the cute boys in my “Thank God for Little Boys” post. She is honest, hard working, and a kick ass Real Estate and Property Manager. Call her first for all your Real Estate Needs. She has those boys to support dont’cha know 🙂

MidState Camera – I have mentioned these brothers in several posts. They maintain and repair my equipment at a great price, as well as giving me good, sound advice. I’ve never had to wait more than a day to get any equipment back. This has saved me twice now on booking dates. Go see the fellas and tell them MeAain says hi!

The Verizon Store on Center of New England Blvd. – I am NOT recommending Verizon, however, they seem to be the only ones that can get me full coverage in this state. So, if you have Verizon, make the trip to this store. The customer service in this store is the best I’ve ever seen anywhere. Don’t call Verizon, go here. I love these guys so much I bring them fresh eggs every time I go, and, given my elderly mothers skill at breaking her phone, I go a LOT.

Lisa Chaney – My long suffering editor. She keeps me from looking illiterate. I am the queen of the typo, master of the faux pas, and wizard of misspellings. If you were to see this site prior to her epic editing skills, you wouldn’t hire me to be a worm herder. She’s just opening her business so for now, please contact me, and I will forward your information. I will post a link to her site once she’s up and running. OH, and she also pre-edited my first book. Just thought I’d throw that in 🙂

The Town of West Warwick. Dude, I got a HUMAN, and not just any human. This human was kind, helpful, funny, and efficient. Then, she passed me to another human that was just as helpful! All in all I spoke to 3 humans and received a callback within an hour. I am now armed with all the information I need in order to obtain my business license. If you are thinking about opening a business, DO IT IN WEST WARWICK. If you already have a business and you’re not in West Warwick? MOVE.

That’s all the links I have so far. I’m new to the state of RI but I’m sure I will be adding more. While I miss the sunny, warm Februaries of Florida, I must say, RI gives that old adage “Southern Hospitality,” a run for its money. While I hate the winters of the frozen North, and regularly mock you guys when you complain about humidity, I LOVE the people.

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