January 25, 2021 Uncategorized

Me: So, you managed 3 days in a row.

also Me: yup *looks smug*

Me: your back to work. Weekend’s over. Bet you don’t make the day

also Me: pfffft *makes immature smug face in the mirror*

Me: seriously?


Shower: Check

Make bed: Check

5 grateful

  • a new office set up. More organized and conducive to working and not staring out the window daydreaming.
  • old pictures & memories
  • a healthy dog. He’s already cost me over $100. He needs to remember he’s 77
  • conversations with happy girls
  • happy songs from happy boys (my parakeets lol)

Cleaning done. Wasn’t 10 minutes but only because I didn’t have 10 minutes of cleaning to do. Go me!

Pic is above of my newly redesigned office/bedroom. I love it! Shit my back hurts.

Added 1 song – I’ll Fly Away. Version by Haley Klinknauer

Deleted 1 Song – Time of my Life by David Cook. It’s time I got over my American Idol Crush


The point of freewriting is to get your mind moving in the right direction. To try an simply string words together to see if something good pops out of your subconscious. The problem is, my random thoughts are useless ATM. I have nothing to so say. Oh, one thing….I deleted ALL social media except youtube. I’ve not had any basically since May of 2020. I’m pretty proud of myself. Um…what else????? *stairs blankly at blinking curser* 2 more people in my mom’s nursing home died of Covid yesterday. I hold her to stay in her room. I only just now started liking her again. I don’t want to lose her. Oh, that would make a good conversation starter for my daily posts. Robyn thought of it really, but he whole “I just started liking you” conversation was pretty rad. *looks at watch* has it been 10 minutes yet? No? 8 dammit. What to talk about for 2 minutes. Have you ever noticed how time perception changes. If I’m listing to good tunes or driving two minutes is a second. If I’m trying to finish 10 minutes of freewriting 2 minutes is a millennia. Ha! There! Done! I sure hope tomorrow is more productive in this department

I’m counting my 10 minutes freewriting as my boredom time.

read 10 pages of “the bookshop of Yesterdays” I started it last night and enjoyed it. I may even read the whole thing. Oddly enough, I love books about bookshops/libraries