Shuddup You

January 26, 2021 Uncategorized

Me: Today sucked. Go away

Roy: *blank stare*

Me: you’re a dog. What do you know?

Roy: *blank stare*

Me: Shudup you. I don’t want to hear it. Wanna go outside?

Roy: *tail wags*


Shower: no, bath

bed made: check

5 Grateful

  • God. I know he’s out there. I can hear Him but I’m ignoring Him for some reason. Who am I kidding. I know the reason. I’m freakin lazy. Being a Christian takes effort but He hasn’t given up on me yet
  • work done. It’s not just 5:00 somewhere, it’s 5:00 here. Yay!
  • Joe making his own dinner tonight. This transitioning from ex-fiancé to new roommate has been interesting
  • Roy hating snow. It makes him go REALLY fast when I let him out.
  • talks with mom.

Cleaning: folded laundry, did dishes, cooked my dinner, did dishes again. That’s s’nuff

Take one Pic with Phone

Roy the conversationalist

Added song: Undivided – Tim McGraw

Deleted Song: over the Rainbow – Isreal K. (sorry, can’t spell it)

Freewriting: I think my next post will have the conversation I had with my mother this morning. I’ll save that bit for tomorrow. For now, I can’t shut Roy up. He’s staring at me so loud and that tail wagging is him showing off how happy he is. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy he is happy. I’m not a monster. But I’m not. I’m living in my ex-fiancé’s house at his whim. So why not leave? CUZ I’LL BE LIVING IN MY CAR SHITHEAD. I have no place to go. I’m stuck up here in the frozen north counting the days till I can go home to the warm air and the ugly beaches of Jacksonville. 249 days. Yes, I’m counting. *looks at watch* fuck…it’s been less than 5 minutes. No, I don’t type that slow, I THINK that slow. I told you to piss off. This conversation ain’t for you anyway so keep your comments to yourself. At least I’ve found a productive way to spend my 10 minutes of bored time. I watched the Ted Talks video on how boredom is needed in our lives and the guy says he knits. If he can knit I can crochet. Currently I am making Granny Squares. Something I learned in grammar school but I just don’t feel that working from a pattern would be considered boring enough. Though I did cheat. I printed a pattern to make granny squares into a cardigan sweater. I’m going to give it to my mom. She will feel contractually obligated to ware it *snickers* I’m making the squares from all my scrap yarn. Talk about clashing 😛

Read about 20 pages of “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde – jury is out on if I will finish it.